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Sanya International Wellness Expo Curtains up, Citizens and Visitors Experience Inhalation of Hydrogen


Source: China News Network Hainan

China News Network Hainan News, April 21st , Wang Pu

From April 20th to 22nd, 2019 Sanya International Wellness Expo and the Chapter of Preventive Treatment and Sub-Health of China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Treatment of Diseases held the 2019 academic conference in Sanya.

At the opening ceremony, leaders such as Wu Gang, former director of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sun Tao, founding director of the China and Sub-health Service Center, and Chen Jianqiang, deputy secretary-general of the China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered speeches.

He Qinghu, vice president of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine made a report entitled "Research and Thinking on Traditional Chinese Medicine Health under the Guidance of the Theory of Preventive Treatment". He said that in terms of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine, which has the closest relationship between Chinese medicine and the people. He said, "Being effective for people’s treatment and prevention of diseases is the prerequisite for the continued existence and continuous development of TCM and the most distinctive feature of the confidence of TCM culture."

At the expo, an experience of hydrogen inhalation attracted the attention of citizens and tourists. More than 30 hydrogen oxygen nebulizers attracted many experiencers. "I've only seen the oxygen inhalation ever. It is the first time to hear about hydrogen inhalation, so I come to experience it." A lady living in Sanya Phoenix Water City expressed her curiosity.

It is understood that because of the selective antioxidant properties of hydrogen, "hydrogen therapy" is gradually being valued by the medical field. During the expo, Lin Hsinyung, the expert of this field, made a report "Progress in the Clinical Application of Hydrogen Molecular Medicine", which introduced the research of hydrogen molecular medicine and clinical trials. He said that the current clinical trials of hydrogen adjuvant therapy carried out by Ascleway in cooperation with relevant medical institutions had been carried out in allergic rhinitis, severe asthma, and bronchiectasis.

Lin Hsinyung introduced that the hydrogen-oxygen ratio produced by Ascleway hydrogen oxygen nebulizer is that hydrogen concentration is 66.66% and oxygen concentration is 33.33%, which provides a suitable concentration of oxygen whilst providing hydrogen to the human body.