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World's first innovation! Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer debuted at 2019 CMEF


Source: Medical Circle (YXJ.ORG.CN)

The claim that “long inflammation results in cancer” is not alarmist!

In 2012, WHO’s arm International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) or Centre international de recherche sur le cancer (CIRC) reported that about 1/6 cancers in the world are caused by bacterial or viral infections, but these infections are very easy to prevent and cure. This report was published on world famous medical journal The Lancet Oncology.

To change this situation, world experts and scholars begin to research specific solutions, and molecular medicine is one solution.

Recently, at the 2019 CMEF (China International Medicinal Equipment Fair), the “Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer” developed by Ascleway attracted many visitors to experience.

According to his introduction, this device electrolyzes pure water into hydrogen and oxygen blending gas for human inhalation, which may help cure chronic diseases, and improve human health. It’s known that this project entered the green passage of “national innovation” category 3 medical apparatus in March 2017, and might be marketed soon to benefit the public.

Promising development of hydrogen molecular medicine in China

On 16 April 2016, the Satellite Symposia and Learning Theatre “Hydrogen Molecular Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases” of CHEST World Congress 2016 was held in Shanghai, chaired by academician Zhong Nanshan, a famous respiratory medicine expert. At break, academician Zhong Nanshan told journalist that hydrogen molecular research is a new emerging field, hydrogen is a strong antioxidant, many tumors are in fact processes of chronic inflammation, anti-oxidation is always a hot topic, generally, anti-oxidation is not very successful, while hydrogen molecule is a new tool of anti-oxidation, so I am aspiring for this.

Academician Zhong Nanshan expressed that hydrogen molecule is specific to chronic diseases, the fundamental function is to enhance anti-oxidative stress, not simply to repair, it is helpful to physical restoration, the treatment is specific to cause, not specific to symptom, for example, in oncology, tumor is enhanced oxidative stress, so if the oxidative stress is removed, tumor can hardly grow.

“Human malignant free radicals are the source of diseases, harmful and excessive free radicals, once not eliminated timely, may damage vital DNAs, proteins, lipids or other substances, which will harm the body, thus causing inflammations, while inflammations uncured for long will cause more severe diseases or even cancers,” Asclemay president Lin Hsinyung expressed, “Once inhaled into human body, hydrogen will be debonded by two important malignant free radicals, the two H ions will respectively combine with free radical and reduce to water helpful to human body, this is how ‘hydrogen therapy’ works.”

According to his introduction, since 2007, nearly 1,200 articles globally prove hydrogen may cure many diseases and protect human body. Experts believe that hydrogen is selectively antioxidant, which is the key reason why hydrogen may cure diseases. Through selective anti-oxidation, anti-toxic free radicals, immune system adjustment, hydrogen will help human body to resist inflammation, restore tissues and protect cells among other effects, for example, it may be efficacious to ischemia-reperfusion injury, organ transplant injury, neurodegenerative diseases, aging, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis etc.

Hydrogen molecular medicine enters the door of clinical application

In 2011, Asclemay at the leadership of academician Zhong Nanshan opened the door of clinical application of hydrogen molecular medicine in China, creatively proposed the water-based hydrogen-oxygen green therapy, and developed Asclemay hydrogen-oxygen generator. In August 2015, this device passed the national safety model testing, and entered into human clinical trials, and in March 2017, it entered the “national innovation” category 3 medical apparatus green passage.

Lin Hsinyung expressed that Asclemay is insisting on the research on hydrogen molecular medicine. In the development course of hydrogen-oxygen atomizer, Asclemay was guided by Chinese famous respiratory medicine expert Zhong Nanshan among other over ten academicians and experts home and abroad, and worked with the experts and professors from 50 nationwide teaching hospitals to conduct 68 animal experiments, and published 32 SCI articles, conducted 18 single-center clinical studies and 6 multi-center clinical studies, covering the studies on respiratory system diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, immune system diseases, tumors and other chronic diseases, marking the world’s largest project of hydrogen molecular medicine research.

“This is the world’s first innovative hydrogen-oxygen atomizer that is small in size but large in gas generation. It’s Chinese people that firstly proposed hydrogen molecular medicine from implementation to clinical use as breathing device, and we hope that this device will become a household appliance, so that every family’s health will benefit from this,” aspired Lin Hsinyung.