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Hydrogen fundamentally eliminates oxidative stress, and its treatment philosophy is "treat causes", not "treat symptons" 2018-10-14

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, accepted an interview with China Network, discussed and explored "hydrogen molecular medicine and problems of lung diseases".  

Zhong Nan Shan said: Hydrogen molecular medicine, should be treated as an emerging sector. Because hydrogen molecule has a strong antioxidant effect, it can specifically eliminate some free radical ions.  We know that many diseases, even including tumors, many inflammations and many diseases, are chronic inflammatory process. For this "inflammatory", what is its basic mechanism of disease physiology?  It is the response of oxidative stress, this response usually produces some ions of free radicals to destroy the body's tissues, or causes abnormal hyperplasia of the body to produce tumors. So the "antioxidant effect" has been the hot topic nowaday, there are drugs and other various aspects. But in general, they are not very successful.  "Hydrogen molecule", as a new tool, is used as an antioxidant.

In the past, hydrogen molecule was difficult to produce.  Now China  developed some new technologies that could produce hydrogen molecules directly from "water", and generated different concentrations of hydrogen molecules. In such a case, it can carry out therapeutic effects on the body. This time we are mainly talking about "thoracic and lung diseases" which is popular in China even in the world.  First, it is a chronic airway disease. for example, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, bronchiectasis, or bronchiolitis, all are airway diseases. We are considering that hydrogen molecules can be inhaled to directly reach the airway, take therapeutic effect on local inflammation and some various abnormal lesions with its antioxidant feature.  The entire process of producing hydrogen molecules could be a relatively good and cheap source of raw materials.  In the meantime, via a certain special process to produce hydrogen molecules, it gave us a very good condition and background to carry out some experiments.

Such as the tumor, a very important theory of the tumor is "strengthened oxidative stress".  If the oxidative stress is removed, the tumor will not grow.  Now this is only a hypothesis of the prospects.  For some diseases, its treatment stage could trend to upstream, not to wait for the body being destroyed and then to repair and treat.  Therefore, I believe, to our future development of medicine, the hydrogen could play an important role in early detection and early diagnosis as well as early treatment.

"Hydrogen and oxygen nebulization" is a deeper concept because the inhalation of hydrogen is not called nebulization.  It is just a hydrogen gas that contains about 60% hydrogen gas mixed with oxygen.  It is a treatment of gas. But what is the nebulization? The nebulization is to turn the gas into a droplet, small droplets can be inhaled into the body. What is it actually? After the production of small droplets, it is able to make some drugs adhered to the surface which is equivalent to a drug carrier. In such a case, the hydrogen generator can be used as a source of nebulizing gas, it may be create better effect since the nebulization contains both hydrogen and drugs.