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Effect and mechanism of H2 intervention in inhibiting the growth of non-small cell lung cancer

  • Time:2018年
  • Journal:International Journal of Respiration
  • Disease Model:Non-small cell lung cancer
  • Corresponding Author:Dongchang Wang, Yunxia Zhaou, Gang Chen
  • Corresponding Unit:no
  • Experimental Subject:mice
  • Way of Hydrogen Administration:67% H2 / 33% O2 Mixture
  • Dosage:67% H2 / 33% O2 Mixture
  • Duration:4 Weeks
Main Result

Inhalation of high-concentrated H2 may inhibite the growth of non-small lung cancer, which mechanism is related with the inhibition of the expression of Ki-67, COX-2, VEGF

Classification of Disease:Tumor
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